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Flat tire emergency? Here are the steps to change a flat tire



Owning a car is a privilege but it also means unexpectedly encountering problems such as a car lockout or a flat tire that may put you in a dangerous situation. Moreover, these problems happen when you least expect them like when you are leaving for work or traveling long-distance with your family. While you can always reach out to a roadside assistance company that provides flat tires services in NJ, you may not always be able to contact a professional, which can be very inconvenient and frustrating.

Many people, who get a flat tire during a long-distance journey, have no clue what to do in such a situation. So, if you are ever stuck in such a situation, it is best to know the basic steps to change a flat tire. But first, make sure you have a spare tire & the right tools.

Remember, if you got a flat tire in the middle of the road, try to pull over to the side safely so your car is away from oncoming traffic while you attempt to change the flat tire. You should also turn on your hazard lights and follow the below steps to change a flat tire:

Step 1 – Unscrew the flat tire

First, you will need to unscrew the flat tire using a few tools such as a lug wrench, screwdriver, or other tools depending on your car’s specific model. You might also need some additional tools such as a car jack, extra screws, etc., while replacing the tire.

Step 2 – Remove the flat tire

It is recommended to use a car jack to lift the car as you unscrew all the lug nuts on the tire carefully. Make sure to safely place them aside as you will need them to affix the spare tire. Make sure all the screws have been removed before attempting to remove the flat tire.

Step 3 – Replace the old tire

Lastly, you just need to replace the old tire with the new tire and use the screws you previously put aside to fix it back in place. Make sure to check whether the screws are tightly in place and put all the tools back inside the car once you are done.

These steps will help you only when you are carrying a spare tire with you. But, not everyone drives everywhere with a spare tire in their car or carries the tools required to change a tire. So, what to do when you got a flat tire but don’t have a spare?

Well, almost 30% of modern cars are not equipped to carry a spare tire. So, when you are driving and notice a deflated tire, it can be quite inconvenient if you don’t have a spare tire. But no need to worry. You can call Stewart’s Towing for expert flat tires services in New Jersey. We also provide car lockouts service, Junk car removal, roadside assistance, accident recovery, fuel delivery, and many other services across New Jersey. Our team will get to your location with a spare tire and repair your damaged tire or replace the tire as required to get you back on the road in no time.

So, when you need emergency flat tire services in NJ, get in touch with our team.