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How To Sell Your Junk Car For The Best Price?

Junk Car Removal Services


Do you have an old damaged car sitting in your parking lot, taking up enough space and nothing else? If so, do you want to sell it? Of course, you will get money in return! But the question is how to get more cash!

First of all, what’s a junk car? It’s a vehicle that’s old enough with significant damages. Its repair costs could be twice as much as its actual value. But there is an interesting thing about it! It’s still worth something! Yes, you read it right! Even a vehicle that has reached its end-of-life stage can get you some money.

In this blog, we will walk through those steps to get the best price for your junk car! So keep reading it and learn more about them!

How to get the best price for your damaged junk car?

Before selling your vehicle, always do some homework. Remember, doing some research on your own can get you the best possible price.

  1. Ownership proof-

Having proof of ownership can make it easy for buyers to buy it from you. People often sell their junk vehicles to individuals without following proper guidelines. Meanwhile, they violate state laws. So, it is best to sell it to a well-reputed and renowned company taking up junk cars. Their professionals will ensure you have sold out your vehicle to them under state rules.

  1. Establish its value-

Be ready to answer a few questions from the buyers. You may be asked-

  • What’s wrong with your vehicle?
  • How old is it?
  • How many times have you worked on its repair and maintenance?

Make sure you have an honest assessment of its condition. For example, its transmission may be compromised. But remember to inform the buyer of everything, including the poor suspension, damaged brakes, and cracks in the dashboard too. Keep the information about the year, make, and model of your vehicle available with you.

  1. Check if it can run-

Well, you know it! A running car can get you more money when compared to a non-working one.

Maybe, you can save the price of a towing service. Also, if the vehicle needs minor repairs to get back on the road, it will be more attractive to buyers.

  1. Get the best price-

Call a company offering the best junk car removal services. Get the quote from them. If the vehicle can run on the road, ask them to inspect it and provide a free estimate. Your honesty matters the most! So, be honest about the condition of your vehicle. Even if you don’t, experts will inspect your car and know its condition before giving you a final selling price.

Save time and get a fair deal at Stewart Towing.

To get the best selling price for your junk car, call us at Stewart Towing. We are specialized in buying old, damaged junk cars. Just call us. We will visit your place, inspect your vehicle and complete the paperwork quickly. And finally, you will get a fair price for your junk car!