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Step by Step Guide to Assist you During Roadside Emergency

Towing company in New Jersey

Have you ever felt helpless when you met with a car accident? You are driving on the road, and all of a sudden, a high-speed vehicle comes and collides with yours. You are shocked for a couple of minutes, and then you gain your consciousness to check everyone is fine. You are thinking about getting your car at a safe location. The towing company in New Jersey has come up with the step by step guide about accident towing and why to consider it during Emergency:

  • Ensure that you are out of harm’s way: Turn on your car’s hazard lights and move your vehicle away from the traffic lane. By turning the hazard lights on, your car will be visible from a distance, especially during harsh weather conditions. A disabled vehicle poses additional harm when left in the middle of the road. Leave the accident spot and get to a safe location before help arrives.
  • Inform the authorities: Once you arrive at a safe place, call the emergency helpline no 911. As soon as the police arrive, it would be easy to block off the traffic. By placing a call, you are alerting them that you are in danger and need immediate medical attention. The police will make a report, and a careless driver will be caught. They will also determine whose insurance will cover the costs.
  • Don’t call any towing service: Unfortunately, many companies take advantage of the person’s situation. Not all towing companies are planning to rip you off, but caution is advised. Keep the contact number of a reputed towing service in Belle Mead handy and call them at the time of distress.
  • Secure the area while you wait: By the time the towing company arrives, you can make triangles near your vehicle. This would help other vehicles to see you and pass through safely.
  • Figure out where your car will end up: Once a towing service picks up a car, they will drop it in the garage or repair shop or at your house. All this depends on the amount of damage that occurred to the vehicle. Have a word with the towing company regarding the same and know whether they charge any additional fee for that. Towing companies have adequate information about where to tow the car.

It is essential to stay calm and relaxed during the entire process so that you perform these steps. Keep the contact number of reliable towing services in Belle Mead handy. Don’t feel helpless in such situations; ask for help. Towing services will take the car to a safe place so that you can get the necessary repairs on it and resume your normal activities.